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Fun Fact Friday with Andrew Bacon

Fun Fact Friday 🌒 4/12/2024

Hey Friends, I have 4 fun facts to share with you today and as usual, my weekly quote to ponder.  Have a great weekend! Blessings, Andrew Fun Fact 1: Over half of U.S. cities along the eclipse's path were fully booked for the night of April 7th. Source: AirDNA via @Jamie_Lane Fun Fact 2: Listings are still trending near all-time lows, but one positive housing story is that new...

Fun Fact Friday 💰 9/1/2023

Friends, I've got 3 fun facts and 1 quote to share with you today. Thanks for reading and as always, reach out anytime with questions!  (Want this delivered to your inbox weekly? Subscribe HERE.) Blessings, Andrew Fun Fact 1: Roughly one-third of ALL homes for sale in the US are new construction.  Even pre-2008, the largest housing bubble in history, only saw a peak of 17% of supply being new...

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