Fun Fact Friday 📉 10/13/2023

Fun Fact Friday with Andrew Bacon

I’ve got 4 fun facts and 1 quote to share with you today. Thanks for reading, and reach out anytime with questions!


Fun Fact 1:
With home prices and mortgage rates both rising, the U.S. is now witnessing the biggest numerical gap in the monthly cost between owning a home and renting in over 50 years.

Source: Visual Capitalist

Fun Fact 2:
With high mortgage rates, rising home prices, and a constrained housing inventory, U.S. housing affordability is at its lowest point since 1989.

Source: Visual Capitalist

Fun Fact 3:
Here’s a chart showing how U.S. 30-year mortgage rates have evolved through the years.


Fun Fact 4:
The current high mortgage rates are affecting home sales in the U.S., specifically with existing home sales taking a dip while new home sales subtly rise.

Source: Visual Capitalist

Quote I’m pondering:

“Don’t follow your passions. Follow your efforts.” – Mark Cuban



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