Fun Fact Friday πŸŒ’ 4/12/2024

Fun Fact Friday with Andrew Bacon

Hey Friends,
I have 4 fun facts to share with you today and as usual, my weekly quote to ponder. Β Have a great weekend!


Fun Fact 1:
Over half of U.S. cities along the eclipse’s path were fully booked for the night of April 7th.

Andrew Bacon Top Colorado Springs Realtor

Source: AirDNA via @Jamie_Lane

Fun Fact 2:
Listings are still trending near all-time lows, but one positive housing story is that new listings data is growing from last year.

Andrew Bacon Top Colorado Springs Realtor

Source: Altos Research via @LoganMohtashami

Fun Fact 3:
The median price of a new home sold in the US is now down 19% from its peak in October 2022 (from $496,800 to $400,500). After the last housing bubble peak the median new home price fell 22% nationally before bottoming.

Andrew Bacon Top Colorado Springs Realtor

Source: Charlie Bilello

Fun Fact 4:
Homebuilders are adapting to the lowest affordability on record by building smaller homes and offering more incentives/price cuts. The median square footage of a new single-family home in the US has moved down to its lowest level since 2010.

Andrew Bacon Top Colorado Springs Realtor

Source: Charlie Bilello

Quote I’m pondering:

“When my brother and I were growing up, my father would encourage us to fail. We’d sit around the dinner table and he’d ask, “What did you guys fail at this week?” If we had nothing to tell him, he’d be disappointed. The logic seems counterintuitive, but it worked beautifully. Β He knew that many people become paralyzed by the fear of failure. They’re constantly afraid of what others will think if they don’t do a great job and, as a result, take no risks. My father wanted us to try everything and feel free to push the envelope. His attitude taught me to define failure as not trying something I want to do instead of not achieving the right outcome.” -Entrepreneur Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx. Source: Getting There ​


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